(A)   If an applicant or the village, in the case of village-initiated PDO, proposes to modify an approved preliminary development plan or final development plan, the applicant or the village shall submit the proposed modifications to the Village Administrator.
   (B)   The Village Administrator shall forward all applications for a modification to the GPHPC for review to determine if the proposed modification is a major change or a minor change and forward the proposed modifications in accordance with the following subsections.
   (C)   Major changes.
      (1)   Major changes shall include:
         (a)   An increase in density or intensity;
         (b)   Changes to the property or project boundaries of the entire PD District;
         (c)   Significant modification of the type, location or amount of land designated for a specific land use or greenspace;
         (d)   Modifications in the internal street and thoroughfare locations or alignments which significantly impact traffic patterns or safety considerations; or
         (e)   A change of use that is not otherwise permitted pursuant to § 154.93.
      (2)   Major changes shall be subject to review and approval of the GPHPC and Village Council.
      (3)   Major changes to an existing planned development, modifications from the preliminary development plan, or revisions to a final development plan for a tract of land in which development has not already begun or is completed, in light of technical or engineering considerations, shall be subject to reconsideration and approval by the village and shall be required in accordance with the procedures specified in § 154.84.
   (D)   Minor changes.
      (1)   Minor changes shall be subject to review and approval by the GPHPC only.
      (2)   The GPHPC shall consider the purpose of this section and the review criteria in making their decision on minor changes.
(Ord. 2006-12, passed 5-1-06; Am. Ord. 2014-47, passed 12-1-14)