(A)   Garbage collection by the city's Sanitation Department shall be mandatory at all residential units within the city limits.
   (B)   All commercial and industrial units within the city shall be required to dispose of garbage and refuse as follows:
      (1)   By the city’s Sanitation Department; or
      (2)   By an approved private contractor hauler which holds all appropriate and applicable licenses, permits and/or approvals required by all appropriate governmental regulatory agencies; provided, however, a commercial or industrial user desiring to transport its own garbage or refuse to the city landfill facility, or to another duly licensed disposal facility, may apply to the Sanitation Department for permission to transport its own garbage and refuse. The permission shall be granted upon providing satisfactory assurance that the transportation of the garbage and refuse will be in accord with all applicable laws and regulations and that the vehicles or containers in which the garbage and refuse is transported shall be completely covered by a tarpaulin, or enclosed in some other fashion as will prevent any littering to the streets or highways of the city.
   (C)   Any vehicle transporting garbage or refuse to the city landfill facility which is uncovered or which otherwise does not have suitable provision to prevent the garbage or refuse from spilling or blowing from the vehicle while in transit to the landfill facility shall be charged $10 for the first offense, $25 for the second offense and $100 for each subsequent offense. This charge shall be in addition to all other charges imposed for the use of the city landfill facility.
(1989 Code, § 50.16) (Ord. 1781, passed 8-22-1988; Am. Ord. 1932, passed 11-25-1991; Am. Ord. 1933, passed 11-25-1991; Am. Ord. 2075, passed 9-26-1994; Am. Ord. 2226, passed 10-27-1997; Am. Ord. 2019-2941, passed 9-9-2019; Am. Ord. 2022-3009, passed 5-23-2022)