(a)   No person shall fail to abide by any mandatory restrictions concerning the usage of water ordered by the Governor of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District or the Girard City Service Director in the event of declaration by any of the above persons and/or entities that a water emergency exists, and/or that restrictions upon the normal use of water are necessary.
   (b)   If any user of Girard supplied water is discovered to be in violation of this chapter, the Service Director is hereby authorized to:
      (1)   For a first offense, deliver a written warning to the violating customer.
      (2)   For a second offense, water service may be disconnected without notice, and the customer subject to a fine established by the Service Director not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00).
         (Ord. 6338-92.  Passed 3-23-92.)