All entrance to buildings in the City which front upon any of the streets, avenues, squares, parks, alleys or lands therein, shall be numbered legibly and in full view of the street, avenue, square, park, alley or lane upon which it fronts, with numbers not less than two inches in width by two and one-half inches in height.  The numbers are to be placed on the entrance to buildings by the owners thereof, or their agents, and such numbering to be done according to the Philadelphia plan of one hundred numbers to the square, which shall not be deviated from unless permitted by Council upon the recommendation of the City Engineer.  The maps of the present streets, avenues, alleys, lanes, parks and squares of the City, heretofore prepared by "William Wilson, Civil Engineer" of the City are hereby adopted and approved.
(Ord. Bk. 1, p. 99.  Passed 2-23-14.)