Playing of radios, boom boxes, tape cassettes, disc players or any other sound devices prohibited; when
   (a)   No person shall play any radio, music player, or an audio system in a motor vehicle at such volume as to disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of other persons or at a volume which is plainly audible at a distance of fifty feet from said vehicle.
   (b)   The following penalties apply:
      1st Offense:      A fine of up to two hundred dollars ($200.00)
      2nd Offense:      A fine of up to four hundred dollars ($400.00)
      3rd Offense & Thereafter:   A fine of up to six hundred dollars ($600.00)
   (c)   Upon conviction for a violation of this section, the sound device used during the commission of the offense, shall be subject to seizure and payment for a judgment.
      (Ord. 7452-06.  Passed 4-10-06.)