A.   Areas to be numbered shall be blocked out by a uniform grid with an interval of 0.1 mile. The original of the grid is on file at the village hall. A reduced copy is attached to the ordinance codified herein and made a part of this chapter.
   B.   One number shall be assigned to each sixty feet (60') of frontage, whether improved or unimproved. Each block shall begin with one or two (2) and multiples of one hundred (100) (e.g., 101, 102; 201, 202). Odd numbers shall be assigned to the north and west sides of a street, and even numbers to the south and east sides of a street. Diagonal streets shall be designated according to their predominant direction. Where a street intersection approximates a grid corner, the change from the one hundreds sequence to the next higher hundreds sequence shall be made at the street intersection. (Ord. 222, 12-15-1983)