(A)   The Clerk-Treasurer of the town is hereby authorized to adjust utility billing discrepancies, including, but not limited to, situations where a meter has been turned off but no record was made that the meter was turned off, and the customer continued to receive billings on that meter.
   (B)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall obtain the concurrence of the Town Council prior to adjusting any utility billings.
   (C)   Any utility billing discrepancies upon which the Clerk-Treasurer and Town Council do not agree as to whether an adjustment should be made, or the amount of the adjustment that should be made, shall be examined and resolved by the Town Council.
(2005 Code, § 30.32)
   (D)   The Clerk-Treasurer is hereby granted the authority to remove the name of any deceased person from a utility bill which is in the name of either the deceased and the spouse, or only the deceased while the spouse is continuing to live in the house and continuing to keep the utility account current. When the Clerk-Treasurer makes the decision to remove the name of a deceased spouse from the town’s utility accounts, the existing deposit on the account shall remain as current and valid; no refund followed by a new deposit from the surviving spouse is required.
   (E)   (1)   This division (E) allows an exception for the Clerk-Treasurer, with the review and approval by the Public Works Director, to adjust utility bills per §§ 52.04 and 52.05, and any amendments to said sections, or any other ordinance which deals directly with the billing/credits associated with the utilities in the town.
      (2)   If a scenario comes to the Clerk-Treasurer which is not addressed in a town ordinance, the Clerk-Treasurer shall take the matter to the Town Council for review and decision.
      (3)   This division (E) does not give the Clerk-Treasurer the authority to make decisions, but rather the authority to make adjustments strictly following the ordinances adopted by the Town Council.
(Ord. G-06-06, passed 1-19-2006; Ord. G-15-18, passed 8-6-2015)