Sec. 40.  Recall of members of Council.
   The voters of the Municipality shall have the power to recall and remove from office, any member of the Council before the expiration of his term, such power being known as the recall. A recall may be started by the filing with the Clerk of a petition signed by qualified voters equal in number to twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of electors voting at the last preceding Municipal election, requesting that a Council member, named in the petition be removed from office. The Clerk, if he finds the petition sufficient, shall certify to the Board of Elections of Ashtabula County, to be placed on the ballot at the next succeeding Municipal or State election occurring not less than ninety (90) days thereafter, the question: "Shall John Doe (using the name of the Councilman named in the petition) be recalled from office as Councilman in the Municipality of Geneva?" Yes __. No __. If, at the election, a majority of the votes cast on the question shall be in favor of recall, the Council member shall forthwith retire from office, and the Council shall fill the vacancy thus created in the manner provided in this Charter. No recall petition shall be filed against a Council member during his first six (6) months in office. If a Council member against whom a petition is filed is continued in office by the vote at the election, no further recall petitions may be filed against him for a period of one (1) year.