Sec. 10.  Specific powers of Council.
   Among the other powers, the Council shall have authority to:
Appoint and remove the Manager and establish his salary by ordinance and appoint an acting manager until the Manager is employed;
Establish administrative departments, define their duties and procedures and fix salaries and wages for all officers and employees;
Inquire into the conduct of any officer or employee in his performance of his public duties, through contact with the Manager;
Appoint and remove the members of the Municipal Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals;
Employ a certified public accountant to audit the accounts of the Municipality or any officer of a department thereof whenever such audit is deemed necessary, but not less than once in each fiscal year;
Appoint and remove legal counsel for a period not to exceed the term of office of the Council;
By ordinance, make provisions differing from the general law with respect to:
The method of giving public notice of the enactment of ordinances and adoption of resolutions, and of any other of its acts or proceedings which it deems proper to publish;
The procedure for making public improvements and the levying of assessments, including the procedure for combining two (2) or more public improvements in one (1) proceeding if the Council finds that it will be economical and practical to undertake such improvements jointly;
The making, advertising and awarding of contracts, except as provided in this Charter; and
Such other general regulations as the Council may deem necessary, including regulations as to the custody and use by the Clerk of Council of an official seal which shall be the seal of the Municipality; and
Delegate the administration of any and all Municipal affairs to the Manager, holding him responsible for his performance.