§ 160.09 AMENDMENTS.
   The County Commissioners may from time to time amend, supplement, change, modify or repeal this chapter. When doing so, the County Commissioners shall proceed in the manner prescribed in this chapter and Md. Code, Article 66B.
   (A)   Initiation. Proposals to amend, supplement, change, modify or repeal may be initiated by the County Commissioners on their own motion, by the Planning Commission or by petition of 1 or more owners of a transient vacation rental unit to be affected by the proposed amendment.
   (B)   Procedure. The County Commissioners shall refer every proposed amendment, supplement, change, modification or repeal to the Planning Commission. Within 30 days of the referral of the proposal, the Planning Commission shall submit to the County Commissioners a report containing the Commission's recommendations, which may include any additions or modifications to the original proposal.
   (C)   Hearing.
      (1)   No amendment, supplement, change, modification or repeal shall become effective until after a public hearing by the County Commissioners in relation thereto at which parties in interest and citizens shall have the opportunity to be heard, and of which a complete record shall be kept.
      (2)   At least 14 days prior to the date fixed for a public hearing, a notice containing the name of the applicant, if any, the date, time and place of the hearing; and the general nature of the hearing shall be published in at least 1 newspaper of general circulation in the county.
(Ord. 2006-7, passed 3-1-2006)