(A)   Levy for compensation. The County Commissioners shall annually levy such sum of money as they may deem sufficient to pay jurors and state’s witnesses of the county for the ensuing year, which sum of money shall be collected, disbursed to the jurors and state’s witnesses and accounted for by the Supervisor of Tax Collection as other levies are collected, disbursed and accounted for by him or her.
(P.L.L., 1888, Art. 12, § 125; 1930, § 224; 1878, Ch. 108; 1888, Ch. 8)
   (B)   Disposition of surplus funds. Any surplus that may remain in the hands of the Supervisor of Tax Collection shall be a contingent fund for paying the jurors.
(P.L.L., 1888, Art. 12, § 126; 1930, § 225; 1878, Ch. 108)
(1986 Code, § 58-2)