On every lot abutting the intersection of 2 roads, a triangular area within the lot shall remain clear of any structure, wall, fence, planting or other visual obstruction between the height of 2 feet and 7 feet above the level of the intersecting roads; such triangular area shall be delineated by a line drawn across the lot to connect points at the edges of the 2 road cartways at a distance of 25 feet from the intersection of the road cartways. The Zoning Administrator may modify the dimensions of the area that must be free of visual obstruction if necessary to provide adequate sight distance.
   Figure 4. Traffic visibility at corners
(Ord. —, passed 5-13-1997; Am. Ord. —, passed 8-8-2000; Am. Ord. —, passed 4-30-2002; Am. Res. 2010-7, passed 5-25-2010)