(A)   Charges for the weed removal shall be a lien upon the premises. Whenever a bill for the charges remains unpaid for ten days after it has been rendered, the Clerk may file with the Recorder of Deeds of the county, a statement of lien claim. This statement shall contain the legal description of the premises, the expenses and costs incurred, and the date the weeds were cut, and a notice the village claims a lien for this amount.
   (B)   Notice of the lien claim shall be mailed to the owner of the premises if his or her address is known; provided, however, that failure of the Clerk to record the lien claim or to mail the notice, or the failure of the owner to receive the notice shall not affect the right to foreclose the lien for the charges as provided in § 9.20.320.
(Prior Code, Chapter 8.44)  (Ord. VG06-407, passed 6-22-2006)