(A)   Any group of three or more adult individuals or any corporation may apply to the Village Council in writing for a permit to store and discharge fireworks within the village limits.
   (B)   The application shall be made at a Council meeting 15 days proceeding the date of the proposed event.
   (C)   It shall also include the name of the individual proposed to operate the display, who must be approved by the Council, and a bond in the amount of $1,000 conditioned upon compliance with the state law regarding fireworks displays and with the rules and regulations of the State Fire Marshal regarding the same.
   (D)   The Council shall cause the proposed site of the display to be inspected to determine that the display will not be hazardous to property or endanger any person or persons, and shall grant or deny the permit within 48 hours of the application therefore.
   (E)   The Village Clerk shall cause one copy of each application and permit to be filed at the office of the State Fire Marshal.
(Prior Code, § 8.20.030)