A.   School Tax License Number; Gross Receipts: Any person making application for any license issued under the provisions of this chapter shall include in such application his:
      1.   Current school tax license number or evidence of application for a current school tax license; and
      2.   The amount of gross receipts of business done during the previous calendar year within the city or county. (Ord. C61-52, 10-4-1966)
   B.   Information Required; Specific Businesses: Each applicant for a license under subsection 3-1-3A of this chapter shall submit an application to the city clerk giving the following information:
      1.   Name and description of the applicant.
      2.   Address of applicant.
      3.   List of state licenses obtained to engage in business.
      4.   The length of time for which the right to do business is desired.
      5.   A photograph of applicant, taken within sixty (60) days immediately prior to the date of filing the application, which picture shall be two inches by two inches (2" x 2") showing the head and shoulders.
      6.   The fingerprints of the applicant and the names of at least two (2) reliable property owners of the county who will certify as to the applicant's good character and business responsibility, or, in lieu of the names of references, any other available evidence as to the good character and business responsibility of the applicant as will enable an investigator to properly evaluate such character and business responsibility.
      7.   A brief statement of the nature and character of the advertising done or proposed to be done in order to attract customers, and, if required by the clerk, copies of all said advertising whether by handbills, circular, newspaper advertising, or otherwise, shall be attached to said application as exhibits thereto. (1961 Code § 5-15-3; amd. Ord. C61-52, 10-4-1966; 2006 Code)
      8.   At the time of filing the application, a fee of five dollars ($5.00) shall be paid to the clerk to cover the cost of investigation. No application fee shall be paid for renewal of an existing license unless the same shall require renewed investigation under the provisions of this section and section 3-1-4 of this chapter. (Ord. C66-197, 4-13-1982; amd. 2006 Code)