(A)   It shall be unlawful for any persons to place a refuse dumpster on any public street or right-of-way without first obtaining a permit from the City of Galena Building Department.
   (B)   A refuse dumpster shall only be permitted to occupy public property if it is not feasible and practical for the dumpster to occupy the private property to be served by the dumpster.
   (C)   The refuse dumpster permit shall be issued at no cost and shall be valid for a period of 21 days.
   (D)   When the initial 21-day period has expired, the dumpster shall be permanently removed or a new permit shall be purchased to allow the dumpster to remain in place. The cost of the new permit shall be established by the City Council and shall be valid for seven days. If necessary, additional seven-day permits may be purchased, each for a fee established by the City Council. In no case shall a refuse dumpster be permitted on the public right-of-way for more than 12 weeks at a single address.
   (E)   The placement of a dumpster on a public street shall comply with the following safety standards. All dumpsters:
      (1)   Shall be placed as close to the curb as possible, or, where there is no curb, as close to the edge of the street as possible.
      (2)   Shall be placed no closer than 20 feet to an intersection or 15 feet to a fire hydrant.
      (3)   Shall be placed so not to obstruct vehicular traffic.
      (4)   Shall not be placed on a public sidewalk or in any way obstruct pedestrian traffic.
      (5)   Shall be loaded so no refuse is protruding beyond the top or sides, and so the area surrounding the dumpster is kept clean and free of residue.
      (6)   Shall be clearly marked on each exterior corner with reflective tape.
   (F)   Nothing in this section shall prevent a refuse dumpster from being removed, emptied, and replaced during the permitted period.
   (G)   The refuse dumpster permit shall be displayed in clear view on the property for which the permit is issued.
   (H)   The permittee assumes all liability and holds harmless the city against all claims, damages, suits, penalties, fines and liability for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property related to the placement of a dumpster in the public right-of-way.
   (I)   The City of Galena reserves the right to order a dumpster removed or moved if it is found to violate any of the aforementioned standards or otherwise compromises the public health, safety, or general welfare. Temporary removal may be required to facilitate activities such as snow removal, street cleaning, public parking, or street improvements. The cost of removal shall be billed to and the responsibility of the dumpster permittee.
(Ord. O-11-11, passed 4-11-11)