(A)    The owners of residences and businesses outside of the downtown district shall not set recycling containers or garbage containers or yard waste bags out for disposal earlier than the day before scheduled pick-up.
   (B)   All emptied recycling containers, garbage containers and yard waste bags shall be removed from public property by the owner the same day of pick-up.
   (C)   Garbage, refuse (with the exception of yard waste, the collection of which is hereinafter provided for), and ashes shall be placed by residents at the curb, or alley, for collection and, except for items too bulky to fit, shall be placed in regular standard residential garbage containers. Lids shall be kept on containers. Containers not consistent with this section or other non-standard containers will not be emptied by the contractor.
   (D)   Certain refuse is deemed to be yard waste, and shall be placed in garbage containers or biodegradable bags (paper or plastic) with a yard waste tag attached thereto. Trees, including Christmas trees, and branches and other large yard waste items that are too large to be placed in a container or a bag, shall be bundles and a yard waste tag shall be affixed thereto. Yard waste shall include grass clippings, weeds, shrubs and trees or parts thereof. Yard waste tags shall be provided by the collector and shall be available at City Hall and other locations as the city may determine. Such tags may be purchased at a rate to be set from time to time by the City Council by resolution or ordinance. Yard waste that is mixed with other garbage and is not placed in such separate containers or bags will not be collected.
   (E)   All cardboard set out for recycling shall be broken down flat and securely bound within a cardboard box or with tape or string.
(Ord. O-09-21, passed 9-14-09)  Penalty, see § 50.99