(A)   Composting yard wastes shall be permitted subject to the following specifications. Yard wastes:
      (1)   Shall not exceed five feet cubed (125 cubic feet) in volume.
      (2)   Shall be in an appropriate container constructed of wood, wire, metal or plastic.
      (3)   May be in a stationary or rotating unit.
      (4)   Shall be located in the backyard, or side yard if no backyard exists, and shall be screened or fenced so that it is not readily visible off the lot.
      (5)   Shall be maintained to minimize odors.
      (6)   Shall not be placed within 15 feet from any lot line, or in no event closer than one-third the dimension of the lot to the lot line.
      (7)   Shall not be allowed to become a “nuisance” (as defined in § 95.01 of this code) or to attract rodents, or to otherwise become a health or safety hazard.
      (8)   Shall otherwise comply with all requirements of this code as now or hereafter amended.
   (B)   All compost not ready for use shall be contained in a “holding unit” or “container” as described above.
   (C)   In no event shall yard wastes be used or permitted to be used as or for grading or fill material on any lot or property within the city.
(Ord. O-09-21, passed 9-14-09)  Penalty, see § 50.99