For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ASHES. Residue from fires used for cooking and for heating buildings.
   DOWNTOWN DISTRICT.  The area bounded by and including Bench Street, Meeker Street, Water Street and U.S. 20, including Riverside Drive.
   GARBAGE.  Waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food; waste from the handling, storage and sale of produce.
   LICENSED CONTRACTOR.  The contractor with whom the city has signed a contract for the collection of garbage and refuse from residences within the city.
   OWNER OF REAL ESTATE. The record title holder of the real estate where payments for the collection of garbage and refuse are required under this chapter.
   RECYCLABLES. Recyclable materials include, but are not limited to: newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, cardboard, clear container glass, colored container glass, aluminum cans, tin cans, all plastics numbered 1 - 7, and such other materials as may be reasonably included herein. RECYCLABLES must be deposited in the recycling bins provide by the city, or similar bins clearly labeled as RECYCLABLES, as a requirement herein for pick-up.
   REFUSE.  Combustible trash, including, but not limited to, paper, cartons, boxes, barrels, wood, excelsior, tree branches, yard trimmings, wood furniture, bedding; noncombustible trash, including, but not limited to, metals, tin cans, metal furniture, dirt, small quantities of rock and pieces of concrete, glass, crockery, other mineral waste; street rubbish, including, but not limited to, street sweepings, dirt, leaves, catch-basin dirt, contents of litter receptacles, but REFUSE does not mean earth and waste from building operations, nor shall it include solid waste resulting from industrial processes and manufacturing operations such as food processing waste, boiler-house cinders, lumber, scraps and shavings.
   REFUSE DUMPSTER. Any portable container used or designed for collection of, transportation of, or disposal of refuse, garbage, grease, waste, construction/demolition materials, or the like. REFUSE DUMPSTER shall include, but not be limited to, “roll off’ boxes or containers, collection bins, or tubs.
   RESIDENCE.  A building or portion thereof, designed or used predominantly for residential occupancy, including one-family dwellings, two-family dwellings and multiple-family dwellings, but not including hotels, motels, boarding or rooming houses or tourist homes. Each unit in two- or multiple- family dwellings shall be considered as a separate residential unit.
   YARD WASTE.  Refuse which includes plant material (leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, flowers, roots, etc.), organic debris commonly disposed of in the course of maintaining yards and gardens, including sod, and other biodegradable organic material. YARD WASTE excludes food waste, plastic and synthetic fibers, lumber, any wood or tree branches or limbs over two inches in diameter or three feet in length, and soil contaminated with hazardous waste.
(Ord. O-09-21, passed 9-14-09; Am. Ord. O-11-11, passed 4-11-11; Am. Ord. O-11-28, passed 11-28-11)