§ 90.09  LIABILITY.
   (A)   A police officer or the police department, or the towing service owner, operator, or employee shall not be held to answer or be liable for damages in any action brought by the registered owner, former registered owner, or his or her legal representative, lienholder, or any other person legally entitled to the possession of a vehicle when the vehicle was processed and sold or disposed of as provided by this chapter.
   (B)   A towing service, and any of its officers or employees, that removes or tows a vehicle as a result of being directed to do so by a law enforcement officer or agency or by the police department shall not be held to answer or be liable for loss of or damages to any real or personal property that occurs in the course of the removal or towing of a vehicle or its contents on a limited access highway in a designated Incident Management Program that uses fast lane clearance techniques as defined by the Department of Transportation or at the direction of a peace officer, a highway authority official, or a representative of local authorities, under §§ 77.05 or 77.06 of this Code of Ordinances.
(ILCS Ch. 625, Act 5, § 4-213)