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15.66.050. Zoning Administrator action and required findings.
   A.   At least ten (10) days following the mailing of the notice provided for in Section 15.66.040, the Zoning Administrator shall act upon the requested Minor Exception. The Zoning Administrator may approve, conditionally approve, deny or refer the application to the Planning Commission pursuant to Chapter 15.70.
   B.   In order to grant the Minor Exception, the Zoning Administrator shall first make the following findings in addition to any findings specifically referenced in this Title for the requested Minor Exception:
      1.   The Minor Exception is consistent with the purpose and intent of the Zoning Code.
      2.   The same or similar result cannot be achieved by using provisions in the Zoning Code that do not require a Minor Exception.
      3.   The Minor Exception will not produce a result that is out of character or detrimental to the neighborhood.
      4.   The project demonstrates compliance with applicable Design Criteria contained in 15.47.060.
   D.   The Zoning Administrator's determination on a requested Minor Exception shall become final and effective ten days following the date of final decision unless an application for appeal of such decision is filed with the Community Development Department, pursuant to Section 15.66.070 of this chapter. The applicant and any other interested party requesting such notice shall be notified of said appeal.
   E.   The Community Development Department shall keep a permanent record of all decisions of the Zoning Administrator, as well as the ultimate disposition of those applications that are appealed. The record shall be available for public review.
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