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15.66.070. Appeals.
   A.   The following procedures apply to appeals of Zoning Administrator decisions, except those which relating to Wireless Permits (See Chapter 15.53 for wireless permits).
      1.   Within ten working days of the Zoning Administrator’s final decision, the applicant or any aggrieved party may file an appeal of that decision by filing with the Community and Economic Development Department a letter of appeal stating the reasons therefore and an appeal fee as set forth by resolution of City Council. If the tenth working day falls on a weekend or holiday, an appeal may be filed on the next working day.
      2.   If appealed, the Planning Commission shall hear such appeal and the decision of the Planning Commission shall be subject to appeal to City Council, all as provided for in Chapters 15.68 and 15.76 of this title.
   B.   Appeals of Zoning Administrator decisions on wireless facilities shall be subject to the procedures set forth in Section 15.53.090. Subsection A, Subsection 5 (“Appeals of Zoning Administrator Decisions”).
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