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15.56.140. Synthetic turf.
   A.   The use of artificial plants and surfaces painted to appear as plant material are prohibited in a landscaped area except as provided by this section.
   B.   The use of synthetic turf on areas with a slope percentage greater than 5% shall not be permitted.
   C.   Synthetic turf that complies with the following standards shall be permitted:
      1.   Material.
         a.   Synthetic turf shall:
            i.   Simulate the appearance of live turf, organic turf, grass, sod or lawn;
            ii.   Be of a type known as cut pile infill with pile fibers a minimum height of 1.75 inches;
            iii.   Be manufactured from polyethylene;
            iv.   Be affixed to a permeable backing; and
            v.   Have a minimum 8-year "No Fade" warranty.
         b.   The use of indoor or outdoor plastic or nylon carpeting as a replacement for natural or synthetic turf shall be prohibited.
         c.   A material other than polyethylene may be approved by the Community Development Department if the product has been certified to meet applicable environmental and health regulations regarding lead content.
      2.   Installation.
         a.   Synthetic turf shall:
         i.   Be installed pursuant to manufacturer's requirements;
            ii.   Be installed over a subgrade prepared to provide positive drainage and an evenly graded mass of compacted, porous crushed rock aggregate material;
            iii.    Be anchored at all edges and seams;
         b.   A drainage system shall be installed underneath the turf to prevent excessive runoff or pooling;
         c.   Where multiple panels are used, the change from one panel to the next shall not be readily visible and seams shall be joined in a tight and secure manner;
         d.   An infill medium consisting of clean silica sand or other approved mixture shall be brushed into the fibers to ensure that the fibers remain in an upright position and to provide ballast that will help hold the turf in place and provide a cushioning effect.
         e.   Areas of living plant material shall be installed or maintained in conjunction with the installation of synthetic turf when utilized in the front yard area or street, alley or other public right-of-way setback areas. Living plant material shall include shrubs, vines, trees and groundcovers in separate planter areas and tree wells.
         f.   Synthetic turf shall be separated from planter areas and tree wells by a concrete mow strip, bender board, or other barrier with a minimum 3/8" thickness to prevent the intrusion of living plant material into the synthetic turf areas.
         g.   Use of an irrigation system for non-active use turf shall be prohibited.
         h.   An existing irrigation system that will not be utilized for the synthetic turf may remain, however, heads shall be removed and pipes shall be capped below ground.
   3.   Maintenance.
         a.   Synthetic turf shall be maintained in a green fadeless condition and free of weeds, debris, tears, holes, and impressions.
         b.   The use of water to clean synthetic turf is discouraged.
   D.   The following shall be submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval prior to issuance of a landscape permit:
   1.   Synthetic Turf Design Package, including:
      •   Project Name;
      •   Project Number;
      •   Project Location (Street Address, parcel or lot number(s);
      •   Zoning Classification of the Project Location;
      •   Applicant contact information;
      •   Synthetic turf material, height, backing and warranty information;
      •   A landscape plan showing the area of synthetic turf, area of living plant material, adjacent hardscape and separation material;
      •   Synthetic Turf Area (in square feet);
      •   A dimensioned cross section of proposed materials and installation details, including subgrade, drainage, base or leveling layer, and infill;
      •   Edge material and detail for treatment of seams;
      •   Material description and specifications, including manufacturer, installer (with contact information), and warranty information;
      •   Compliance Certification stating: “I have complied with the City of Fullerton Synthetic Turf Ordinance in preparing the design and installation plans.
   E.   Installation of synthetic turf shall not proceed without the issuance of a landscape permit.
   F.   Following installation, the installer shall certify installation in compliance with the approved Synthetic Turf Design Package and the requirements of 15.56.140 by completing and submitting Appendix “A—Certification of Completion” to the Community Development Department. Completion and submittal of “Appendix A—Certification of Completion” is a requirement for Final Project Completion.
   G.   The above requirements apply to a synthetic turf installation of any size with the following provisions:
   1.   Installations of synthetic turf with a total area of 2,500 sq. ft. or more shall require the use of an appropriately licensed professional. The Synthetic Turf Design Package and all certifications shall be the responsibility of the licensed professional.
   2.   Installations of synthetic turf with a total area less than 2,500 sq. ft. shall not require the use of an appropriately licensed professional. The Synthetic Turf Design Package and all certifications shall be the responsibility of the licensed professional, if used. Alternatively, the property owner is responsible for the preparation of the Synthetic Turf Design Package and all certifications.
(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016; Ord. 3134 (part), 2009)
Appendix A:
I hereby certify that:
   (1)   I am a professional appropriately licensed in the State of California to install synthetic turf for:___________________________ _______________________________________ _
                                             (project name, mailing address and telephone).
   (2)   The synthetic turf installation project for the property located at                                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                    (provide street address or parcel number(s)) was installed by me or under my supervision.
   (1)   I am the property owner of ________________________________ _________________.
   (2)   The synthetic turf installation project on my property was a total of____________ sq. ft. and was installed by me or under my supervision.
(3)      The synthetic turf installation for the identified property has been installed in substantial conformance with the approved Synthetic Turf Design Package and complies with the requirements of FMC Section 15.56.140- Synthetic Turf.
(4)      The information I have provided in this Synthetic Turf Installation Certificate of Completion is true and correct and is hereby submitted in compliance with the City of Fullerton Synthetic Turf ordinance (FMC Section 15.56.140)
Print Name                                  Date
Signature                                  License Number (if required)
Telephone                                  E-mail Address
Professional’s Stamp (If Appropriate)

(Ord. 3226 (part), 2016)