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   One-family dwellings must comply with the following standards.
   (a)   Elevation. The intent of this subsection is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the City of Fort Worth and its citizens through the adoption and enforcement of one-family dwelling unit design standards that limit the effects of repetition and uniformity by requiring substantive variation and diversity in front elevations within a certain lot pattern.  The elevations for one-family dwelling units within a six (6) lot pattern must be sufficiently differentiated from each other and from any one-family dwelling unit that is two (2) lots removed on either side of the subject property on the same side of the street, as generally depicted below and otherwise set forth herein.
      (1)   For a one-family dwelling unit to be deemed sufficiently differentiated, i.e., different façade elevation, either Subsection a. or b. below must be met:
         a.   One of the following elements is met:
            i.   Different number of full stories, except where there are two or more dwellings of the same number of stories within the applicable lot pattern in which case the three elements in subsection b. must be satisfied; or
            ii.   Side-loaded garage, except where there are two or more  dwellings with a side-loaded garage within the applicable lot pattern in which case the three elements in subsection b. must be satisfied.
         b.   Three of the following elements are met:
            i.   Change in roofline that is at least 50% of the width of the front elevation;
            ii.   Change in roof pitch of at least two (2) units of change as measured by a roof's vertical rise over its horizontal span (e.g., 6/12 pitch to 8/12 pitch);
            iii.   Inclusion or exclusion of a front porch or front entry structure, or change in height of a front porch roof of at least four (4) feet. A porch must be a minimum of four (4) feet in depth to create a functional space;
            iv.   Difference in number of dormers;
            v.   Change in number of front facing garage bay doors;
            vi.   Garages recessed or projected by a minimum increment of four (4) feet;
            vii.   Change in exterior materials covering 50% or more of the wall coverage on the front façade (excluding openings);
            viii.   Addition of a bay window that projects a minimum of one foot from the front wall, as measured from the ground up; or
            ix.   Difference in number of windows, provided there is at least two (2) feet of separation between windows when two (2) or more windows are present.
      (2)   The below items will not be considered when evaluating the above-stated elements:
         a.   Change in paint or material color;
         b.   Change in roof pitch of less than two (2) units of change as measured by a roof's vertical rise over its horizontal span (e.g., 6/12 pitch to 7/12 pitch);
         c.   Change in roofline of less than 50% of the width of the front elevation;
         d.   Minor changes in exterior architectural features;
         e.   Same proportions of exterior features, including flipped or mirrored façade elevation; and
         f.   Changes in roof material, including, without limitation, composition and metal roofs.
   (b)   Exterior walls. Exterior walls shall consist of a minimum of 50% masonry. Exposures to a minor arterial or wider street shall required 100% masonry construction except where such building face is obscured by a minimum six-foot masonry wall. “Masonry” shall include brick, stone, cementitious fiber concrete products or stucco. Similar products made from such materials and/or durable recycled material shall be allowed as approved by the building official.
   (c)   Attached garages. No attached garage facing a public or private street may project greater than eight feet in front of the front wall of the house in all single-family districts.
   (d)   Infill house. An infill house shall be required to have one minimum three-inch caliper front yard tree of choice, and one minimum three-foot caliper street parkway tree as approved by the city forester. In all instances, a minimum of 40% canopy cover per lot must be achieved in accordance with § 6.302.
   (e)   Horizontal dimension. A minimum horizontal dimension of 15 feet shall be required.
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