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§ 6.400 SCOPE.
   (a)   This article is enacted to provide uniform standards for the location, spacing, height, lighting and other regulation of signs within the City of Fort Worth. The purpose of this article is to protect the health, safety, welfare, convenience and enjoyment of the general public from injury which may be caused by the unregulated construction of signs.
   (b)   It is the intent of these regulations to achieve the following:
      (1)   Enhance the economic value of the landscape by avoiding visual clutter which is potentially harmful to property values and business opportunities:
      (2)   Promote the safety of persons and property by providing that signs do not create a hazard due to collapse, fire, collision, weather or decay;
      (3)   Protect the safety and efficiency of the city’s transportation network by reducing the confusion or distraction to motorists and enhancing motorists’ ability to see pedestrians, obstacles, other vehicles and traffic signs;
      (4)   Enhance the impression of the city which is conveyed to tourists and visitors;
      (5)   Protect adjacent and nearby properties from the impact of lighting, size, height and location of signs;
      (6)   Preserve, protect and enhance areas of historical, architectural, scenic and aesthetic value, regardless of whether they be cultural, natural or human-made; and
      (7)   Encourage the removal of off-premises signs from designated scenic, cultural, architectural or historic districts or corridors.
(Ord. 17872-11-2007, § 1, passed 11-6-2007; Ord. 18745-08-2009, § 1, passed 8-4-2009)