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   (a)   Generally. The regulations in this article shall apply to required parking spaces and non-required parking spaces with the exception of public parks. Nothing in this article shall require additional parking spaces to be furnished for an existing building that is repaired, altered, maintained or modernized, where no structural alterations have been made and the size of the building is not increased.
   (b)   Enlargement or change in use.
      (1)   For existing buildings that are enlarged, additional parking spaces shall be required for the enlarged portion only.
      (2)   Parking spaces furnished for a building constructed prior to March 1, 1953, that are in excess of the requirements for the building under the provisions of Ord. 3041, may be counted toward the additional spaces required for a change in use, expansion of an existing use or a new building on the premises.
      (3)   When the occupancy of any building is changed to another use, parking shall be provided to meet the requirements of this article for the new use.
      (4)   Nothing in this article shall require the furnishing of additional parking spaces for existing buildings which are not enlarged or changed to a new use.
   (c)   Plan required. Where off-street parking is required, except for one-, two-, three- or four-family dwellings, a plan approved by the city traffic engineer, showing the location and arrangement of spaces, shall be furnished to the planning and development department, accompanied by sufficient proof of ownership, lease or other arrangement as will show that the spaces contemplated will be permanent. Any future changes in parking arrangements must be approved by the planning and development department.
   (d)   District “H” exempt from parking requirements. No off-street parking shall be required for development in the “H” district.
(Ord. 13896, passed 10-12-1999; Ord. 17522, §§ 5, 6, passed 4-24-2007; Ord. 18208-07-2008A, § 1, passed 7-29-2008)