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   (a)   Site plan approval required. No building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be issued and no use of land, buildings or structures shall be made in the “PD” district until the same has been approved by the city council as part of a site plan in compliance with the procedures, terms and conditions of this article of the ordinance; provided, however, the requirement for a site plan may be waived by the city council where deemed appropriate by the city council in its sole discretion.
   (b)   Site plan requirements. The site plan submitted in support of a request for site plan approval shall contain sufficient information delineating the characteristics of the site, changes in those characteristics as may be proposed by the development, how the development will relate to public services and facilities, and what protection features are included to ensure that the development will be compatible with existing and allowable development on adjacent property. The site plan shall show at least the following items of information:
      (1)   The land area included within the site, the zoning classification of all adjacent sites, and all public and private rights-of-way and easements bounding and intersecting the site and adjacent sites which are proposed to be continued, created, relocated and/or abandoned;
      (2)   The proposed finished grade of the site and its relation to elevations of adjacent sites if pertinent;
      (3)   A description of the proposed site and the boundaries thereof;
      (4)   The location of each existing and each proposed structure on the site, the specific category of use or uses to be contained therein, the number of stories, gross floor area, type of exterior construction material and the location of entrances and exits to buildings;
      (5)   The location and width of all curb cuts and driving lanes;
      (6)   The dimensions and capacities of parking areas and loading areas, and the character and location of illumination facilities for same;
      (7)   All pedestrian walks, malls and open areas for use by tenants or the public;
      (8)   The location and height of all walls, fences and screen planting and landscaping;
      (9)   The location, size, height, foot-candle level and orientation of all lighting and signs;
      (10)   The types of surfacing such as paving, turf or gravel to be used at the various locations;
      (11)   The location of fire hydrants;
      (12)   Location and screening of garbage containers, air conditioners and outside storage or display;
      (13)   A schedule of the phasing of all improvements shown in the plan;
      (14)   Building height, building separation and open space; and
      (15)   Density per acre of any residential dwellings.
   (c)   Application. An application for site plan approval shall be filed with the planning and development department on a form prepared by that department and accompanied by a site plan. No site plan shall be accepted for filing until the appropriate filing fee has been paid. An application for a planned development district may not be amended to a conditional use permit overlay during the public hearing process but rather shall require a new application and public hearing.
   (d)   Procedure for zoning change to “PD” district. The procedures for hearing a request for a zoning change to the “PD” district shall be the same as for a requested change to any other district, as set forth in Chapter 3, Article 5.
   (e)   “PD” district as amendment to ordinance. Every planned development district approved under the provisions of this ordinance shall be considered as an amendment to the ordinance as applicable to the property involved. In approving the planned development district, the city council may impose conditions relative to the standard of development, and such conditions shall be complied with before a certificate of occupancy is issued for the use of the land or any structure which is part of the planned development district; and such conditions shall not be construed as conditions precedent to the approval of the zoning amendment, but shall be construed as conditions precedent to the granting of a certificate of occupancy.
(Ord. 20159-04-2012, § 1 (Exh. A), passed 4-3-2012; Ord. 23609-03-2019, § 6, passed 3-19-2019)