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   (a)   Purpose. It is the intent of this section that district “O-1” shall include, and shall be limited to lands subject to the 50-year flood. The boundaries or limits or lands subject to the 50-year flood shall be determined by the City of Fort Worth public works department and shall be shown on the official map of the City of Fort Worth. The zoning commission shall recommend to the city council whether or not all or any part of the lands subject to the 50-year flood shall be classified district “O-1.”
   (b)   Use regulations. In district “O-1,” no building or land shall be used, and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, reconstructed, altered or enlarged, and no certificate of occupancy shall be issued, unless otherwise provided in this ordinance, except for one or more of the following uses:
      (1)   Agricultural uses, including farming, grazing and livestock raising and pasturing, including ancillary feeding pens (but not commercial feeding pens), truck gardens, orchards and nurseries for the growing of plants and shrubs, provided that no obnoxious fertilizer is stored on the premises and no obnoxious soil or fertilizer processing is conducted thereon;
      (2)   Structures, installations and facilities installed, operated and maintained by public agencies for flood control purposes;
      (3)   Public service structures, including railway and highway bridges, provided that the location thereof shall first be approved by the plan commission upon report and recommendation of the appropriate City of Fort Worth departments;
      (4)   Mining of soil, sand, gravel and minerals, provided that such use shall first be approved by the board of adjustment after report by the City of Fort Worth, health, planning and public works departments and after public notice and hearing;
      (5)   Irrigation intakes and pumps;
      (6)   Industrial condenser water intake and outlet works;
      (7)   Public or private utility installations, other than permanent buildings;
      (8)   Sumps;
      (9)   Wildlife sanctuary, woodland preserve, arboretum;
      (10)   Public or private reserve space;
      (11)   Hunting or fishing preserve;
      (12)   Boat rental, boat sales;
      (13)   Bridle trail, bicycle trail, nature trail;
      (14)   Country club; sports or recreation center, excluding principal buildings;
      (15)   Golf course, driving range, archery range;
      (16)   Christmas tree sales;
      (17)   Taxicab stands;
      (18)   Roads, driveways;
      (19)   Temporary buildings and structures accessory to the above uses, such buildings and structures to be used for limited periods of time as designated by the planning and development department;
      (20)   Parks, playgrounds or recreational areas owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth; and
      (21)   Dish satellite antennas shall be considered an accessory use. When the dish exceeds two meters in diameter it shall not be located in the front or side yards and shall not exceed 12 feet in height above ground level.
   (c)   Responsibility. The fact that land or property is or is not classified as being within the “O-1” floodplain district shall not constitute assurance that said land or property is not subject to local flooding and the designation of the “O-1” floodplain district in this ordinance shall not be so interpreted.
(Ord. 20159-04-2012, § 1 (Exh. A), passed 4-3-2012)