The establishment permitted must comply with each of the following minimum requirements:
   (A)   Construction of rooms used for toilets, tubs, steam baths and showers shall be made waterproof with approved waterproofed materials, and shall be installed in accordance with the local building code.  Plumbing fixtures shall be installed in accordance with the local plumbing code:
      (1)   Steam rooms and shower compartments shall have waterproof floors, walls and ceiling approved by local building code;
      (2)   Floors of wet and dry heat rooms shall be adequately pitched to one or more floor drains properly connected to the sewer.  (Exception: dry heat rooms with wooden floors need not be provided with pitched floors and flood drains.)
      (3)   A source of hot water must be available within the immediate vicinity of dry and wet heat rooms to facilitate cleaning.
   (B)   The premises shall have adequate equipment for disinfecting and sterilizing non-disposable instruments and materials used in administering massages.  Such non-disposable instruments and materials shall be disinfected after use on each person.
   (C)   Closed cabinets shall be provided and used for the storage of clean linen, towels and other also used in connection with administering massages.  All soiled linens, towels and other materials shall be kept in properly covered containers or cabinets, which containers or cabinets shall be kept separate from the clean storage areas.
   (D)   Toilet facilities shall be provided in convenient locations.
   (E)   Lavatories or washbasins provided with both hot and cold running water shall be installed in either the toilet room or a vestibule.  Lavatories or washbasins shall be provided with soap and a dispenser and with sanitary towels.
   (F)   All electrical equipment shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of the city uniform electrical code. ('74 Code, 7-10) (Ord. S-46-87, passed 3-10-87)
   (G)   Proof of permit must be displayed in a prominent location in each massage establishment location.
(Ord. 06-99, passed 5-25-99; Am. Ord. G-16-07, passed 6-12-07)