(A)   This section shall further define Article 11 Chapter 1102 of the Fire Prevention Code as published by the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission.
   BARBECUE PIT OR GRILL. A stationary or portable device, with either electric, gas or charcoal fuel, used for the preparation of food.
   HAZARDOUS CONDITION. A situation where the Fire Department Officer in charge determines that the fire may be capable of spreading or damaging other property or that the smoke emissions may be offensive to occupants of surrounding property.
   OPEN BURNING OR OPEN FIRE. Any burning of combustible materials out of doors. Excluded is burning in a barbecue pit or grill where the base fuel for heat is charcoal products.
   RECREATIONAL OR CAMP FIRE. The burning of wood products other than refuse where the fuel being burned is not contained in an incinerator, outdoor fireplace, barbecue grill or barbecue pit. A RECREATIONAL OR CAMP FIRE shall have a total fuel area no greater than 36 inches in diameter and a fuel load not to exceed two feet in height.
   REFUSE. Garbage, rubbish, paper, leaves, grass, trade waste, trash, plastic or other waste products.
   SMOKE NUISANCE. Smoke emissions may be deemed a nuisance when a complaint is received that the smoke emissions are offensive to the complaining party.
   WOOD PRODUCTS. Untreated and unpainted lumber or natural wood other than leaves and vines.
(Ord. G-28-99, passed 12-28-99)