Definitions. For purposes of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALARM SIGNAL. An audible signal indicating the detection of visible or invisible particles or products of combustion other than heat.
   AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION. The Fort Wayne Fire Department and the Department of Neighborhood Code of the City of Fort Wayne which have enforcement responsibility for this chapter.
   DWELLING UNIT. Any building or portion thereof which contains living facilities, including provisions for sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation.
   LABELED. Equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol or other identifying mark of an organization engaged in product evaluation, that maintains periodic inspection of production of labeled equipment or materials and by whose labeling the manufacturer indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.
   LISTED. Equipment or materials included in a list published by an organization engaged in product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials and whose listings state either that the equipment or material meets appropriate standards or has been tested and found suitable for use in a specified manner.
   NFPA 74. Standard 74 of the National Fire Protection Association, which is located in Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MD, 02269.
   RENTAL AGENT/LEASING AGENT. Any person, partnership or corporation, who rents, subleases, lets or otherwise grants for a consideration the right to occupy premises not owned by the occupant. This term shall not be construed to mean a real estate agent who is employed for the sole purpose of selling residential units.
   SHALL. Indicates a mandatory requirement.
   SLEEPING AREAS. The area or areas of the dwelling unit in which the bedrooms (or sleeping rooms) separated by other use areas, such as kitchens or living rooms, (but not bathrooms), shall be considered sleeping areas.
   SMOKE DETECTOR. Shall be defined as a device which senses visible or invisible particles or products of combustion and conforms to the minimum standards for type, components, and maintenance prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association. The detector shall bear a label or other identification issued by an approved testing agency having a service for inspection of materials and workmanship at the factory during fabrication and assembly.
(Ord. G-28-99, passed 12-28-99)