§ 94.11 REMEDIES.
   (A)   If the owner, operator, or agent fails to correct a cited violation of the Indiana Fire Prevention Code or a section in this chapter, the violation shall be a Class A infraction and subject to an ordinance violation Citation Notice. The Citation Notice may be issued, in accordance to IC 34-28-5, by the inspection officer for each violation cited. Each day the violation remains uncorrected shall be a separate violation and subject to a citation with penalties as listed in § 94.199.
   (B)   If the notice of violation and order is not completed within the time specified on the violation notice, and no review of such order has been initiated pursuant to § 94.10, the Fire Chief may request the City Attorney to institute for the city the appropriate legal proceedings to restrain, correct or abate such violation or to require removal or termination of the unlawful use of the building or structure in violation of the provisions of this code or of any order or direction made pursuant thereto. In addition, any such action for mandatory or injunctive relief may be joined with an action to recover the civil forfeitures provided for in § 94.199.
(Ord. G-28-99, passed 12-28-99)