(A)   Where there are two candidates, the selection as to who shall be chosen shall be determined on the basis of the one of who receives the highest number of votes from the Common Council.
   (B)   Where there are more than two candidates, the Common Council shall choose its appointment  in the following manner:
      (1)   Each member of Council shall vote for his/her first choice for appointment.
      (2)   The person receiving the majority vote shall be given the appointment.
      (3)   If no person receives a majority, the person with the lowest number of votes is dropped and Council re-votes.  In the event of a tie vote for the lowest number of votes, all tying low votes shall be dropped.
('74 Code, 2-8.2)  (Ord. G-04-81, 2-17-81; Am. Ord. G-13-01, passed 7-24-01)