(A)   From time to time the Common Council of the city is requested by various departments of the executive branch of government of the city to give its promise that it will, on presentation of a properly drawn ordinance or resolution affecting a particular subject matter, pass an ordinance or resolution thereon at a future regular meeting of the Common Council.  Such action is customarily referred to as “prior approval.”  Such “prior approval” is in derogation of the strict letter of the law regarding presentation and passage of ordinances and resolutions but is in the best interest of the city.
   (B)   Any request for a “prior approval” presented to the Common Council shall require two-thirds vote of the members of the Council.  All “prior approval” requests must be passed at a committee session on a second or fourth Tuesday meeting of the Council.  The only exception to this requirement shall be with the approval of the Council President, or by the City Clerk if the President is not available.
('74 Code, § 2-39.1)  (Ord. G-21-81, passed 10-13-81; Am. Ord. G-18-92, passed 4-26-92; Am. Ord. G-13-01, passed 7-24-01)