(A)   Public hearings shall be held on all ordinances and resolutions as required by Indiana Statutes in the manner prescribed by said statute, after due notice required by law. 
   (B)   A motion to conduct a public hearing duly made and passed by Common Council, requires a public hearing on any other resolution or ordinance when such public hearing is not otherwise required by law.
   (C)   A committee chair may call for public comment during consideration of an ordinance or resolution before a committee session of Common Council, any member of Common Council may request a citizen be recognized for the purpose of public comment during such consideration or, prior to a meeting of Common Council, a citizen may request to make a public comment by contacting a member of Council.  Such a request made by a Council member or a citizen, shall not be unreasonably denied.
(Ord. G-18-92, passed 4-25-92; Am. Ord. G-2-12, passed 1-24-12)