(A)   No ordinance shall be placed for passage the same day it is introduced except by suspension of the rules, requiring seven affirmative votes.  At least two-thirds of the members of the Council must vote in the affirmative for passage of any ordinance on the same day it is introduced.  The vote to suspend the rules shall take place during the committee session immediately prior to the regular session where the bill shall be formally introduced and then placed on consideration for passage.  This division does not apply to a zoning ordinance or amendment to a zoning ordinance that is adopted under IC 36-7.
   (B)   An ordinance introduced pursuant to § 32.57 above shall:
      (1)   Be read by its title by the Chair of the Committee who signed that ordinance for introduction pursuant to § 32.56, and that Chair shall make a motion for formal introduction for said ordinance.
      (2)   Upon passage of the motion for introduction of an ordinance or ordinances, the Chair of the committee shall move to refer said ordinance or ordinances to his/her committee for discussion and recommendation (other than amendments to the Zoning ordinance, street and alley vacations and the like, which are required by law to be first referred to the City Plan Commission).
      (3)   The committee to which it is referred after discussion of an ordinance shall have the power to amend an ordinance and shall vote upon that committee's recommendation as to whether the ordinance shall pass, not pass, or come out of said committee with no recommendation.
      (4)   At the next regular session of the Council, the committee chair shall report as to the recommendation of his/her committee, as well as any amendments to the ordinance passed by that committee.  At such time, the ordinance shall then be subject to further amendment by the Council.
      (5)   Thereafter, upon motion duly presented, it shall be placed upon its passage, and in such instance shall thereafter be subject to a final vote thereon.
   (C)   Any ordinance failing to receive a sufficient number of votes on final passage will be considered as lost; provided that the vote thereon may be reconsidered within the time and in the manner set forth in § 32.39.
   (D)   Final vote for passage of a resolution may be taken at the meeting at which it is introduced, or said resolution may be referred to the appropriate committee as determined by a majority of the Council present; provided that a resolution requiring affirmative action on behalf of the city shall be processed the same as an ordinance.  In the event that the majority of the Common Council votes during Committee session that final passage of the resolution shall take place during regular session, the ordinance shall be discussed during Committee session, immediately prior to the regular session when the bill will be formally introduced and then placed on consideration for passage.
   (E)   Common Council may elect to utilize a consent agenda to approve contracts falling under the purview of Common Council (the agenda a “Consent Agenda”). When utilizing the Consent Agenda to approve contracts for Consultant Services, any member of Common Council may remove a particular contract from the Consent Agenda and have it placed in the appropriate committee for discussion and recommendation as an individual item. In the event a contract is removed from the Consent Agenda, it shall proceed as an individual item per the procedure outlined in Chapter 32.
   (F)   Once properly introduced, no proposed ordinance or proposed resolution shall be eligible for further action after the last day of the calendar year following the year of introduction.  Any such ordinance or resolution which has not been finally disposed of by the last day of the calendar year following the year of introduction will expire and be considered withdrawn.
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