(A)   All votes upon the passage of ordinances and resolutions, upon motions to suspend the rules or motions to reconsider, shall be by the roll call, or by voice vote.
   (B)   Upon a roll call vote on any question, after any one Councilmember shall have voted, it shall not be in order for any Councilmember to offer remarks except in explanation of his or her vote, which he or she may do only simultaneously with the casting of his or her vote.
   (C)   Any Councilmember may demand a roll call upon any question to be voted upon by the Council, and when such demand is made the Clerk shall call the roll.
('74  Code,  §  2-28)  (Ord.  passed 1-2-56; Am. Ord. G-18-92, passed 4-26-92)