Special meetings of the Common Council shall be held upon the call of the Mayor or any five members of the Council, subject to the following provisions:
   (A)   It shall be the duty of the person calling the special meeting to duly notify the City Clerk thereof in writing in time to reasonably permit the City Clerk to prepare and serve notice on all members in time to allow them to be present at the meeting, which notice of such special meeting to be served in writing upon each member, either in person or by notice left at his/her place of residence.
   (B)   Only such ordinances, resolutions, or such communications received or other business shall be considered or acted upon as are specifically stated in the call for the meeting.
   (C)   Special meetings may be held upon call, waiver of notice and consent, signed by all members of the Common Council, in which case the requirements of divisions (A) and (B) above shall not apply.  In addition, public notice shall be given to the news media prior to the special meeting, as prescribed, and in accordance with, IC 5-14-1.5-5.
('74  Code,  §  2-16)    (Ord. passed 1-2-56; Am. Ord. G-18-92, passed 4-26-92)