(A)   The main branch of the Allen County Public Library and the HelmKe Library at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne campus are hereby named depositories of public documents of the city.
   (B)   PUBLIC DOCUMENTS is defined as any written or printed book or paper or document of the city which is required to be published by law. PUBLIC DOCUMENTS also shall mean any annual report of a city department (including financial statements), Common Council proceedings, documentation concerning ordinances and resolutions provided to the Common Council by any city department, special reports and handbooks published by any city department, minutes and/or reports of any city board or commission. PUBLIC DOCUMENTS for the purpose of this section shall specifically exclude all written material prepared for departmental use only and required by law to be confidential and/or not published or distributed as matters of public record. PUBLIC DOCUMENTS also shall mean any other city materials that the city and either or both depositories agree upon to be deposited.
   (C)   Every city department head and city commission or board president shall make available all public documents of its city department, commission or board to the main branch of the Allen County Public Library and the Helmke Library of Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne campus upon the publication and/or submittal of said public documents to city files by depositing same in the office of the City Clerk, for retrieval of said public documents by each depository at regular monthly intervals.
(`74 Code, § 2-8.5) (Ord. S-100-87, passed 4-28-87)