(A)   Any non-governmental entity which bids on or otherwise offers to contract with the City of Fort Wayne, any city-owned or operated utility or any board or commission created by, under the purview of and/or which receives funding from or under, the City of Fort Wayne's budget (hereinafter collectively any of the foregoing boards, commission, utilities, etc., shall be referred to as the "City of Fort Wayne") shall be required to disclose all persons or entities owning 10% or more of a shareholder, membership, partnership, or ownership interest of any nature in the entity contracting with the City of Fort Wayne. The disclosure shall be required prior to the approval and/or execution of any contracts in excess of $50,000 for the purchase or sale of all goods, services, real estate, or any other purchase or sale agreement between the City of Fort Wayne, and any non-organizational entity.
   (B)   For the purposes of this disclosure, ENTITY shall include, but shall not be limited to, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, or any other entity in which there may be a shared ownership interest. To the extent that there is an entity or entities that are owners of 10% or more of the entity contracting with the City of Fort Wayne, then those entities shall be required to make disclosure of shareholders, members, partners, or ownership interests of any nature of 10% or more.
   (C)   To the extent that a contractual arrangement will last more than one year, then the entity entering into the contract with the City of Fort Wayne shall be required to update its disclosure annually.
(Ord. G-14-10, passed 9-14-10)