(A)   Police officers authorized to inspect vehicles.  Pursuant to IC 9-17-2-12, police officers of the Police Department are authorized to inspect motor vehicles, semi-trailers and recreational vehicles to verify the facts set forth in the application for certificate of title for such vehicles.
   (B)   Inspection fee.  The Police Department is hereby authorized to charge a fee in the sum of $5 for each vehicle inspected. Such fee shall be charged to the owner of such vehicle(s) for the inspection verification of the facts set forth in the application for such certificate of title for such vehicle(s).
   (C)   Collection, remittance of fees.  The Police Officer making the inspection is authorized to collect such  fees  and  shall  remit such fees daily to the Chief  of  Police  or  his duly authorized representative. Pursuant to state law, the Chief of Police or his duly authorized representative shall remit such fees monthly to the City Controller, who shall deposit such fees in the Local Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund.
   (D)   Receipt for fee.  A receipt for the city title and inspection fee shall be given to the owner paying such fee  with a duplicate  copy of such form  retained by the Police Department.
('74 Code, § 17-5.1)  (Ord. S-185-85, passed 10-8-85; Am. Ord. G-25-94, passed 12-13-94)