(A)   No intoxicants of any kind, including wine, beer, ale, or other alcoholic beverages, shall be brought into a park area, consumed, sold or given away on the premise of any public park, parkway or boulevard strip, except the Botanical Conservatory, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, the Foster Park Golf Course Pavilion, Headwaters Park, the Community Center, the Foellinger Theater, Freimann Square, Salomon Farm Park, the Old Fort, the Wells Street Bridge, Robert E. Meyer’s Park, and McMillen Park Community Center; and then only with a prior written permit to do so having been received from the Department and the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.
   (B)   Fees for such a permit shall be pursuant to a schedule, as established by the Board. Fee schedules may be obtained at the offices of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Any fees imposed shall be in addition to any facility rental charge imposed by the Board.
   (C)   The Board shall have the authority to develop and implement policies controlling the possession and use of alcoholic beverages in the locations enumerated herein.
   (D)   All permits, including those granted by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, shall be prominently displayed and produced for inspection when requested by a police officer or a park employee or representative and shall not be transferable.
   (E)   No permit granted under this section shall be construed to entitle any person to possess, serve, sell, consume or give away alcoholic beverages in any place other than the area specifically designated in said permit. Furthermore, no permit granted under this section shall be construed to allow any individual to act in any fashion that would violate any other law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation.
   (F)   The permit of any person who shall violate or fail to comply with any provision of this section may be immediately revoked by the Board or its designees.
   (G)   All fees from issuance of such permits shall accrue to the Department's general fund.
(Ord. G-21-04, passed 9-14-04; Am. Ord. G-12-06, passed 12-12-06; Am. Ord. G-02-09, passed 2-24-09; Am. Ord. G-9-12, passed 4-24-12; Am. Ord. G-10-14, passed 5-13-14) Penalty, see § 97.99