The following provisions shall apply to shooting range/club - trap, skeet, rifle, archery in the RC and A Districts.
   (A)   Indoor shooting ranges and structures associated with shooting ranges shall be located at least 250 feet from all property lines and public ways and 450 feet from occupied structures. Permanent structures shall be limited to those customarily associated with the principal use of the property as a shooting range.
   (B)   The setback of all structures not used for shooting ranges shall comply with the setbacks for principal structures in the districts in which they are located.
   (C)   The property must have a minimum of 20 feet frontage on a public road or adequate easement to be determined by the Board of Appeals.
   (D)   Shooting range/club - trap, skeet, rifle, archery with a planned capacity of 100 persons or more must have frontage and access on a paved public road. If the planned capacity is under 100 persons, there will be no specific road requirements other than the provision contained in § 1-19-3.210(B)(5).
   (E)   A site development plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission.
   (F)   Within the RC District, the requirements of § 1-19-7.200 of this Code will be met.
   (G)   Outdoor discharging of firearms or release of arrows shall not be permitted within 500 feet of any property line.
   (H)   Shooting ranges shall be constructed to eliminate danger to persons or property from flying projectiles. The area between the firing point and target shall be baffled, fenced, or otherwise shielded so that the fired projectiles cannot escape the range area. Safety design should be in accordance with accepted standards and practices.
   (I)   Shooting ranges shall practice lead containment/collection of projectiles with best management practices for the individual site in accordance with nationally accepted standards to maximize containment.
   (J)    The minimum lot size shall be 10 acres.
   (K)   The facility shall be designed so that topographic features of the site are used to enhance safety, minimize firearm noise, and maximize lead containment.
   (L)   Manner and times of operation shall be approved by the Board of Appeals.
   (M)   One freestanding sign no more than 15 feet in height and 25 square feet in area is permitted and shall be subject to the normal setback requirement for natural resources uses.
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