The following provisions shall apply to the Resource Conservation (RC) District.
   (A)   Lot area determination for residential uses.
      (1)   On parcels, legal lots of record as of the effective date of Ord. 08-19-495, at least 10 acres in size, but less than 20 acres in size, one (1) residential lot and a remainder may be created by subdivision. These lots shall have a minimum lot size of 5 acres after subdivision of the lot, no further development rights shall exist on the lot or the remainder, and a note shall be placed on the record plat to this effect.
   (B)   Sensitive area protection.
      (1)   Areas with slopes of 25% grade and greater shall not be developed. Buildings and structures and parking areas shall not be located on slopes of 25% grade and greater.
      (2)   Floodplains and wetlands shall be protected in accordance with the standards and requirements set forth in § 1-19-9.100 through § 1-19-9.130, Floodplain District regulations.
      (3)   Habitats of threatened and endangered species, as identified by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, shall be protected from development or disturbance. All subdivision and site development plans involving an area identified as a habitat site shall be referred by the county to the Maryland Natural Heritage Program for comment. On sites where a habitat is identified, a mitigation plan will be required to show that adverse impacts on habitat sites are minimized.
   (C)   Tree cutting and forestry activities.
      (1)   Forest cutting or clearing activities in connection with land development shall be minimized. All activities to which the forest resource ordinance apply shall be subject to the regulations and requirements set forth in that ordinance. In addition to the forest resource ordinance requirements, no more than 40,000 square feet shall be cleared for each home site. For all permitted nonresidential uses, site development plan approval shall require that site clearing is minimized.
      (2)   Commercial logging and timber harvesting operations for which 5,000 square feet of soil is disturbed shall be subject to all state and local requirements, such as the following:
         (a)   Review and approval of a timber harvest plan by the Frederick County Forest Conservancy District Board;
         (b)   Approval of an erosion and sediment control plan by the soil conservation district.
         (c)   Approval of a grading permit by the Frederick County Division of Public Works.
         (d)   Where applicable, approval of a stream crossing permit by water resources administration.
         (e)   All applicable local, state and federal regulations concerning commercial logging and timber harvesting.
   (D)   Streets. New subdivision streets will not be permitted to be established in the resource conservation district.
   (E)   Driveways. Approval of a grading permit by the Frederick County Division of Public Works shall be required for all driveways prior to site development to ensure that sediment and erosion control and stormwater management comply with soil conservation service standards.
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