§ 154.50  RELIEF.
   Any applicant desiring relief, waiver or exemption from any aspect or requirement of this chapter may request such at the pre-application meeting, provided that the relief or exemption is contained in the original application for either a special use permit, or in the case of an existing or previously granted special use permit a request for modification of its tower and/or facilities. Such relief may be temporary or permanent, partial or complete. However, the burden of proving the need for the requested relief, waiver or exemption is solely on the applicant to prove. The applicant shall bear all costs of the town in considering the request and the relief, waiver or exemption. No such relief or exemption shall be approved unless the applicant demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that, if granted the relief, waiver or exemption will have no significant affect on the health, safety and welfare of the town, its residents and other service providers.
(Ord. 2018-002, passed 4-2-18)