(A)   No bulk trash, tree limbs, shrubbery cuttings, leaves and other refuse will be collected without charge unless the refuse can be placed in regulation type garbage cans.  Provided, however, that limbs, tree trunks, tree and bush cuttings are of the size that can be readily loaded in regulation garbage trucks in amounts not in excess of one-half a truck load for any one residence or place of business.  In this event no charge will be made for the collection.
   (B)   Any property owner desiring special bulk collections of loose matter not in closed containers or tied in bundles may request a special collection for which a charge will be made.  If sufficient manpower and equipment are available, town personnel are authorized to make the special collections, provided, the person making the request agrees to pay for the labor and equipment used at the rate specified by the Town Clerk.
   (C)   No collection shall be made from vacant lots nor shall any large rocks, tree trunks, tree stumps, tree limbs of more than 8 feet in length or other heavy objects be collected by the town.  No waste building materials or lot clearings shall be collected from houses or other structures under construction or recently completed.
   (D)   Material to be collected by special collec tions shall be placed in neat piles and so located that the refuse can be easily loaded on trucks for disposal.
(‘76 Code, § 4-2009)