The occupant of every building or premises where garbage and refuse does or may exist shall provide containers made of substantial galvanized iron, plastic, rubber or other non-rusting material in which shall be deposited all garbage and refuse existing at the building or premises.  Each container shall be provided with handles or bails and with a tight fitting cover made of the same material as the container.  All containers shall be water tight and they shall be of a size that can be conveniently handled by the collectors, and no containers shall be more than 32 gallons in capacity and measure not more than 22 inches in diameter nor 30 inches in height.  All containers shall be kept in a reasonably clean manner by the use of lye or other effective cleaner.  The other provisions of this subchapter notwithstanding, commercial containers approved by the town and emptied by contract with the town for a fee are permissible, regardless of size or capacity.
(‘76 Code, § 4-2005)