(A)   Purpose of sign regulations. The purpose of this chapter is to provide sign standards and restrictions which allow for the legitimate needs for identification of residential, office, commercial, industrial and other activities while at the same time promoting signs which do not unduly detract from the overall aesthetics of the community; which reduce intrusions and protect property values which provide for improved public safety by minimizing undue distraction of the motoring public; which provide standards for the erection and maintenance of signs; which provide for the protection and enhancement of the tourist industry by promoting a more harmonious and pleasing community image; which provide equitability for the nature and scale of the activities to be identified; and which generally enhance and strengthen the economic stability of the Town of Franklin.
   (B)   Scope. the provisions of this chapter shall apply to the erection and maintenance of all signs and sign structures within the jurisdiction of the town and its adopted extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and it shall be unlawful following the effective date of this  chapter to erect, maintain or alter any sign or sign structure except in conformance with the provisions of th is chapter and application sections of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
(Ord. passed 3-1-10)