(A)   Businesses intending to display merchandise outdoors should indicate such at the time of business license approval, in according with Chapter 110 of this Code, or prior to the commencement of business operations.
   (B)   Prior to approval of business license or commencement of business operations, all businesses displaying merchandise outdoors must submit a sketch showing the location of the outdoor display or sales area and how the following requirements are to be met:
      (1)   All outdoor displays shall be located immediately adjacent to the storefront and not in drive aisles, loading zones or fire lanes.
      (2)   Outdoor display and/or sales areas may be located within parking lots, provided that:
         (a)   The area is located within a designated area of the parking lot not to exceed 4,000 square feet;
         (b)   Any parking spaces located within the designated area are in addition to the minimum number of parking spaces required for the principal use;
         (c)   Any parking spaces within the designated area that are not occupied by merchandise are marked so as to prevent parking within the area;
         (d)   The area is located so as to minimize the need to cross drive aisles; and
         (e)   Merchandise, vehicles, trailers or containers within the area will not interfere with the movement of emergency vehicles or disrupt vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
      (3)   At least five feet along the parking lot side of the display shall be maintained free of obstruction to allow for pedestrian and handicap movement, such that handicapped pedestrians and others do not have to enter the parking lot or drive aisle to walk around the display. Storefronts bordering public sidewalks or streets are prohibited from displaying merchandise upon the same, pursuant to § 95.20 of this Code.
      (4)   The height of the outdoor display shall not exceed six feet in height unless an exception to this provisions has been granted by the Land Use Administrator.
      (5)   The area of outdoor display and/or sales shall not encompass the width of the entrance doors to the facility as projected straight out from the facility. For example, if the width of the entrance doors is ten feet, then there shall be at least a ten foot clearance from the doors as projected straight out from the facility.
      (6)   The area used for outdoor display and/or sales shall not be located upon the side or rear yards of buildings, and shall be limited to no more than one-half of the length of the storefront. In the case of a shopping center, the “storefront” shall include the entire frontage of the shopping center, meaning that the total amount of display for all the in-line tenants combined shall not exceed 50% of the aggregate storefront of the overall shopping center.
(Ord. passed 5-5-14)