(A)   For purposes of administering this section, the term “storage containers” shall include “storage trailers”.  Storage containers shall require permits from the Administrator; they shall be removed from the premises upon which they are located upon the expiration of the time period designed in the permit. One storage container per lot shall be permitted for a period not exceeding 90 consecutive days in a 12- month period.  Storage containers shall meet all setback requirements for the zoning district in which they are located and shall be placed in the rear yard wherever possible.  No storage container shall be permitted on a vacant lot.  No storage container shall contain facilities for utility service.  No storage container shall display any signs, lettering or advertising device, with the exception of a required owner identification sign with letters not to exceed three inches in height.  This sign shall contain the name, address and phone number of the owner and may also contain a storage container identification number.  These regulations shall not apply to the following:
      (1)   Construction service trailers used for offices or for storage of tools or materials on job sites for the duration of construction;
      (2)   Storage trailers used as construction service facilities which are a portion of the inventory of the equipment used by the business to transport materials from one job to another, and not used for purposes of storage.
      (3)   Storage trailers, on the lot of a storage trailer sales or rental business, that constitute part of the inventory of such business and that are not currently used for purposes of storage.
   (B)   Storage containers shall be permitted only in the C-3 Highway Commercial and I-1 Industrial zoning district classifications.
   (C)   Converted. The use of portable storage units as building materials to create commercial structures for habitable purposes (which could include storage). Habitable includes commercial restaurants, retail, and any other building constructed out of multiple storage containers. The use of the storage container as a building material must meet the NC building code. The below matrix “Non-Residential Converted Storage Container Use Matrix” is where the use is permitted in the zoning Districts. The designation “P” means permitted. Shipping containers are not allowed in residential zoning districts. Containers must either be screened or painted to neutral earth tone color or a color consistent with the principal building.
Non- Residential Converted Storage Container Use Matrix
Permitted Use
Converted storage or Shipping Containers
(Ord. passed 10-1-07; Am. Ord. passed - - )